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Preprints and submitted manuscripts

1. Chixiang Lu, Kai Chen, Heng Qiu, Xiaojun Chen, Gu Chen, Xiaojuan Qi, Haibo Jiang. EMDiffuse: a diffusion-based deep learning method augmenting ultrastructural imaging and volume electron microscopy. bioRxiv, 2023. (GithubDemonstration).

2. Chixiang Lu, Gu Chen, Wenxin Song, Kai Chen, Charmaine Hee, Mehran Nikan, Paul Guagliardo, Frank Bennett, Punit Seth, K. Swaminathan Iyer, Stephen G. Young, Xiaojuan Qi, and Haibo Jiang. NanoSIMS Stabilizer: a tool to resolve distortions in elemental and isotopic imaging. submitted, 2024. (GithubDemonstration)

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66. Chengming Qu, Haitao Yuan, Ming Tian, Xiaodong Zhang, Peng Xia, Guangwei Shi, Rui Hou, Ji Li, Haibo Jiang, Zhiyong Yang, Tengxiang Chen, Zhijie Li, Jigang Wang, Yufeng Yuan. Precise Photodynamic Therapy by Midkine Nanobody-Engineered Nanoparticles Remodels the Microenvironment of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma and Potentiates the Immunotherapy. ACS Nano, 2024, 18, 5, 4019–4037.

65. Alessandra Ferrari, Emily Whang, Xu Xiao, John P Kennelly, Beatriz Romartinez-Alonso, Julia J Mack, Thomas Weston, Kai Chen, Youngjae Kim, Marcus Tol, Lara Bideyan, Alexander Nguyen, Yajing Gao, Liujuan Cui, Alexander H Bedard, Jaspreet Sandhu, Stephen D Lee, Louise Fairall, Kevin J Williams, Wenxin Song, Priscilla Munguia, Robert A Russell, Martin G Martin, Michael E Jung, Haibo Jiang, John WR Schwabe, Stephen G Young, Peter Tontonoz. Aster-dependent non-vesicular transport facilitates dietary cholesterol uptake. Science, 2023, 382(6671)

64. Song W, Beigneux AP, Weston TA, Chen K, Yang Y, Nguyen LP, Guagliardo P, Jung H, Tran AP, Tu Y, Tran C, Birrane G, Miyashita K, Nakajima K, Masami M, Tontonoz P, Jiang H, Ploug M, Fong LG, Youg SG. The lipoprotein lipase that is shuttled into capillaries by GPIHBP1 enters the glycocalyx where it mediates lipoprotein processing. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. 2023, 120(44):e2313825120. 

63. He J, Zheng L, Li X, HUang F, Hu S, Chen L, Jiang M, Lin X, Jiang H, Zeng Y, Ye T, Lin D, Liu Q, Xu J, Chen K. Obacunone targets macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) to impede osteoclastogenesis and alleviate ovariectomy-induced bone loss. Journal of Advanced Research. in press, 2023.


62. Xia P, Yuan H, Tian M, Zhong T, Hou R. Xu X, Ma J, Wang H, Li Z, Huang D, Qu C, Dai L, Xu C, Yang C, Jiang H, He Y, Ruckert F, Li Z, Yuan Y, Wang J. Surface-Engineered Extracellular vesicles with CDH17 nanobodies to efficiently deliver imaging probe and chemo-photothermal drugs for gastric cancer theragnostic. Advanced Functional Materials. 2022, 33(7):2209393. 

61. Ma J, Xu X, Fu C, Xia P, Tian M, Zheng L, Che K, Liu X, Li Y, Yu L, Zhu Q, Yu Y, Fan R, Jiang H, Li Z, Yang C, Xu C, Long Y, Wang J, Li Z. CDH17 nanobodies facilitate rapid imaging of gastric cancer and efficient delivery of immunotoxin. Biomaterials Research. 2022, 26(1):64. 

60. Huang S, Chen K, Leung JK, Guagliardo P, Chen W, Song W, Clode P, Xu J, Youg SG, Jiang H. Subcellular partitioning of arsenic trioxide revealed by label-free imaging. Analytical Chemistry. 2022, 94(40):13889-13896.

59. Chen K, Song W, Russell R, Ferrari A, Darwish T, Tontonoz P, Young SG, Jiang H. NanoSIMS imaging of fatty acid and cholesterol uptake by intestinal enterocytes. Journal of Lipid Research. 2022, 63(11):100290.

58. Young SG, Song W, Yang Y, Birrane G, Jiang H, Beigneux AP, Ploug M, Fong LG. A protein of capillary endothelial cells, GPIHBP1, is crucial for plasma triglyceride metabolism.  Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. 2022, 119(36): e2211136119. 

57. Song W, Beigneux AP, Winther AML, Kristensen KK, Gronnemose AL, Yang Y, Tu Y, Munguia P, Morales J, Jung H, De Jong PJ, Jung CJ, Miyashita K, Kimura T, Nakajima K, Murakami M, Birrane G, Jiang H, Tontonoz P, Ploug M, Fong LG, Young SG. Electrostatic sheathing of lipoprotein lipase is essential for its movement across capillary endothelial cells. Journal of Clinical Investigations 2022, 132(5):e157500. 

56. Chen K, Liao S, Li Y, Jiang H, Liu Y, Wang C, Kuek V, Kenny J, Li B, Huang Q, Hong J, Huang Y, Chim SM, Tickner J, Pavlos NJ, Zhao J, Liu Q, Qin A, Xu J. Osteoblast-derived EGFL6 couples angiogenesis to osteogenesis during bone repair. Theranostics 2021, 11(20):9738-9751.

55. Santucci P, Greenwood D, Fearns A, Chen K, Jiang H#, Gutierrez MG#. Intracellular localisation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis affects antibiotic efficacy. Nature Communications. 2021, 12:3816.

54. Weng N, Guagliardo P, Jiang H, Wang WX. NanoSIMS Imaging of Bioaccumulation and Subcellular Distribution of Manganese During Oyster Gametogenesis. Environmental Science & Technology. 2021, 55, 12, 8223-8235.

53. Ranieri A, Vezzelli M, Leslie KG, Huang S, Stagni S, Jacquemin D, Jiang H, Hubbard A, Rigamonti L, Watkin E, Ogden MI. Structure illumination microscopy imaging of lipid vesicles in live bacteria with naphthalimide-appended organometallic complexes. Analyst. 2021, 146, 3818-3822.

52. Cui M, Guo W, Xu H, Jiang JA, Chen L, Mitra S, Roqan IS, Jiang H, Li X, Ye J. Evidence of Carrier Localization in AlGaN/GaN‐Based UV Multiple Quantum Wells with Opposite Polarity Domains Provided by Nanoscale Imaging. Physica Status Solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters. 2021, 2100035.

51. He C, Migawa MT, Chen K, Weston TA, Tanowitz M, Song W, Guagliardo P, Iyer KS, Bennett CF, Fong LG, Seth PP, Young SG, Jiang H. High-resolution visualization and quantification of nucleic acid–based therapeutics in cells and tissues using Nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry (NanoSIMS). Nucleic Acids Research, 2021, gkaa1112. (Breakthrough Article)

50. Fearns A, Greenwood DJ, Rodgers A, Jiang H#, Gutierrez MG#. Correlative light electron ion microscopy reveals in vivo localisation of bedaquiline in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected lungs. PLoS biology, 2020, 18, e3000879. (Cover image)

49. He C, Song W, Weston TA, Tran C, Kurtz I, Zuckerman JE, Guagliardo P, Miner JH, Ivanov SV, Bougoure J, Hudson BG, Colon S, Voziyan PA, Bhave G, Fong LG, Young SG, Jiang H. Peroxidasin-mediated bromine enrichment of basement membranes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020, 117(27), pp.15827-15836.


48. Shao Z, Guagliardo P, Jiang H, Wang W. Intra-and intercellular silver nanoparticular translocation and transformation in oyster gill filaments: coupling nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry and dual stable isotope tracing study. Environmental Science and Technology, 2020, 55,1:433-446.


47. Ferrari A, He C, Kennelly JP, Sandhu J, Xiao X, Chi X, Jiang H, Young SG and Tontonoz P. Aster proteins regulate the accessible cholesterol pool in the plasma membrane. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2020, 40:e00255-20.


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45. He C, Jiang H, Song W, Riezman H, Tontonoz P, Weston TA, Guagliardo P, Kim PH, Jung R, Heizer P and Fong LG. Cultured macrophages transfer surplus cholesterol into adjacent cells in the absence of serum or high-density lipoproteins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020, 117(19), pp.10476-10483. 

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Westerterp M and Tall AR. A new pathway of macrophage cholesterol efflux. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020, 117(22), pp.11853-11855.

44. Jiang H, He C, Fong LG and Young SG. The fatty acids from LPL-mediated processing of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins are taken up rapidly by cardiomyocytes. Journal of Lipid Research, 2020, pp.jlr-ILR120000783.


43. Tong KC, Lok CN, Wan PK, Hu D, Fung YME, Huang S, Jiang H, Che CM. An Anti-Cancer Gold(III)-Activated Porphyrin Scaffold that Covalently Modifies Protein Cysteine Thiols. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020, 117(3), pp.1321-1329.

42. Li C, Wang P, Van Der Ent A, Cheng M, Jiang H, Lund Read T, Lombi E, Tang C, De Jonge MD, Menzies NW, Kopittke PM. 2019. Absorption of foliar-applied Zn in sunflower (Helianthus annuus): importance of the cuticle, stomata and trichomes. Annals of Botany. 123(1):57-68.


41. Hartnell D, Andrews W, Smith NM, Jiang H, McAllum EJ, Rajan R, Colbourne F, Fitzgerald M, Lam V, Takechi R, Pushie MJ, Kelly ME, Hackett MJ. 2019. A review of ex vivo elemental mapping methods to directly image changes in the homeostasis of diffusible ions (Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cl-) within brain tissue. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2019, 13:1415.


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37. Greenwood DJ, Santos MSD, Huang S, Russell MRG, Collinson LM, MacRae JI, West A, Jiang H#, Gutierrez MG#. Subcellular antibiotic visualization reveals a dynamic drug reservoir in infected macrophages. Science, 2019, 28;364(6447):1279-82.

Highlighted by

Smith TC, Aldridge BB. Targeting drugs for tuberculosis Science. Science, 2019, 364(6447), 1234-1235. 

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35. Hu D, Yang C, Lok CN, Xing F, Lee PY, Fung YME, Jiang H, Che CM. An Antitumor Bis(N‐Heterocyclic Carbene)Platinum(II) Complex That Engages Asparagine Synthetase as an Anticancer Target. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 10914.


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Highlighted by

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Highlighted by

Kutyavin VI and Chawla A. Aster: A new star in cholesterol trafficking. Cell, 2018, 175(2), pp.307-309.


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