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Upcoming conferences


  1. SIMS Europe, Germany, Sep 2016

  2. NanoSIMS Workshop, Netherlands, Sep 2016

  3. SIMS China, China, Oct 2016


Selected past presentations


  1. Gordon Research Conference on Plasminogen Activation & Extracellular Proteolysis, Ventura, Feb 2016, Invited talk

  2. Australian Society of Molecular Imaging Scientific Meeting, Melbourne, Dec 2015, talk

  3. Leducq Scientific Meeting, Hamburg, Germany, Sep 2014, invited talk

  4. Cellular Imaging of Lipids, Vico Equense, Italy, Jun 2014, poster

  5. 58th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco, US, Feb 2014, poster

  6. International NanoSIMS Workshop 2013, Luxembourg, Oct 2013, talk

  7. Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group Symposium, London, May 2013, invited talk

  8. 2nd Annual Conference and EXPO of AnalytiX-2013, Suzhou, China, Mar 2013, talk

  9. Nano-Molecular Analysis for Emerging Technologies V, NPL, UK, Nov 2012, talk

  10. Oxford Bioimaging Festival, Oxford, UK, Oct 2012, talk

  11. European Microscopy Congress, Manchester, UK, Sep 2012, poster

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